Women's Triathlon Shorts

Tight-fit, all-around women’s specific tri-race short, featuring compression leg powerbands, 11-panel design for enhanced fit and performance. Mel wore this kit for her Ironman journey this past September and LOVED it. Custom-made with our Fellow Flowers design, this kit is a true one-of-a-kind! Mel got a ton of compliments on race day from fellow athletes and spectators. Plus, you can clip your flower to the back pocket while out on the bike!

Get a 360 virtual view of the tri kit here.

See Mt. Borah sizing chart here.

Fabric specs:

– Extremely breathable, moisture wicking
– 11-panel women’s specific design for enhanced fit
– Double-ply compression leg powerbands
– Flat-seam stitching to reduce chafing
– Mini Tri Red Pad (Italy)
– Sizes XS – 4XL available


 Tavolara (Italy) A fabric that offers responsive stretch and muscle compression, along with a unique internal honeycomb structure for superior moisture-transfer.

 Aenergia (Italy) A fabric that offers responsive stretch and enhanced compression, Aenergia is used in specific pattern placements to prolong the life of products that come in contact with the saddle.

 Standard Pad (Italy) Triathlon engineered design with single density foam for optimum protection again chafing, yet highly elastic fabric for total freedom of movement and excellent fit (From Mel - she wears this pad for anything 70.3 distance and under! She also wears this for all running distances and loves it!)

– Endurance pad (Italy) Raised foam inserts provide key protection, yet the design offers a lightweight, 4-way stretch core to offer comfort during all three triathlon disciplines. (From Mel - No, it does not feel like a diaper and yes, you can still run it! It is a very subtle upgrade from the standard pad.)

– Wash cold
– Hang to dry
– Avoid abrasive surfaces

Order Window + Shipping
- You have until Feb 3rd to order your triathlon gear and our group order will be submitted on Feb. 4th. Our kits are custom produced in one batch, which takes four weeks. If there are no issues with production, kits are expected to ship out the week of March 5th.

– If you are new to triathlon, welcome to snugness and don't be scared! You want these garments to be fitted and snug. You do NOT want them baggy as it defeats the purpose of being aerodynamic while on the bike and wearing this kit underneath your wetsuit (if that's your preference.) The hardest part is just getting used to fitted garments. Most often it's not the wrong size, it's just YOU getting accustomed to it. (Seriously, you pull the garments out of the bags and all you think is, "There is NO WAY I will fit into this." #truth

Sizing tips from Mel:
In the product photos, I am wearing a medium top and small short. 
I am 5'10 and top length was totally fine. When I started my Ironman training, I wore a medium short and medium top. I eventually went to a size small short because I wanted them tighter. Do not fear the snugness! While I COULD have went to a small top, it felt a little too snug for my liking. Aside from triathlon, I absolutely love my shorts for running - both small and medium. I don't wear anything else now! I wear them for all long runs - you get used to the pad very quickly. Plus, I chafe between my thighs and the longer length short eliminated this for me. 

In athletic gear, and as you figure out your size, here's my info:
Athleta - Small / Size 6 (sometimes 4)
Lululemon - Small / Size 6
Nike - Medium
Under Armour - Medium
Champion (from Target) - Small
Pants size is 4/6 
Chest is 36A
Weight is 150
I carry most of my weight in my thighs, hip, butt area :) I am not a fan of things hugging my belly (seriously, who is after three kids?) so I preferred the medium top for running/biking. 

Additional Sizing Review from our good friend Nancy:

I'm quite particular about what I wear, especially to sweat and go the distance in, and this does not disappoint in any way. Yes, the sizing seems daunting - I spent two full weeks investigating it before I ordered. I'm wearing a large top and xl shorts in the photo and they are perfect. I'm 5'4 and, well, sturdy and well-endowed. I was worried about the dreaded sausage legs from cycling shorts - not a problem (they don't have the sticky grippers but do not ride up in any way no matter what you do to them). I was worried about chaffing (in every way you could and couldn't imagine) - not a problem. I was worried about the skinny waistband instead of my preferred wide waistband - not a problem. I was worried that the top would be too tight on my chest to fit elsewhere -  not a problem. Put your fear aside and feel the joy of running and/or riding in this kit!  For perspective: in Athleta I wear a medium in the recycled poly and a large in the regular poly/spandex bottoms, a large in Nike capris, an 8/10 in Lululemon and a medium in Brooks. I'm a pretty standard women's large for tops.  For FF sizing: I'm a medium in most of the tech tanks/tees, a large in the statement tanks.  In real life (because sadly I don't just get to sweat all day), I'm an 8 or medium for White House Black Market and Ann Taylor skirts and an 8/10 or medium for dresses.   

With our triathlon gear, our goal is to make women feel confident as they pursue dreams and finish lines. This gear is expensive (all quality tri gear is) but Mt. Borah offers exceptional quality and it is made in the USA. Our pricing reflects our time, custom design work and shipping. Mt. Borah charges us an additional $5 for 2XL, $7 for 3XL and $10 for 4XL, and you will see those increases reflected in our pricing as well.