Tell Her Collection Box

When a woman inspires you, #tellher. Whether you're encouraging her, lifting her spirits, supporting her dreams, or reminding her that she's worth it, Tell Her cards are the perfect way to tell the women in your life what you see in them. There is a powerful ripple effect when women use their voices to lift each other up.

These cards are especially unique because they feature authentic and uplifting messages written by Mel. Each message has a purpose and was inspired from her years of listening to the stories of women everywhere. You'll find messages for all occasions and universally powerful words for every woman.

Product details:
35 unique cards, two of each for a total of 70 cards
3 x 3 inches in size
Space to write on back of card
Box size is 8 x 4 x 2 inches with keepsake quality in mind

**Due to the interest of the Tell Her collection boxes, we're limiting every customer to a max of three (3) boxes per purchase.

Your purchase will be non-refundable. The Tell Her box is also your shipping box, so expect some dings and imperfections upon arrival.**