Quiet Brave tee

Your brave doesn't have to be big, bold or loud, it just has to be yours. We believe some of the bravest moments, decisions and goals are those that the world never sees. #Quietbrave became a popular phrase of ours this past year, dedicated to all the dreamers, doers and believers who are making their dreams happen, one determined step after another. 

We love this tee for layering! It is perfect underneath a black blazer, vest or jean jacket. You can keep your brave tucked in nice, quiet and safe, directly over your heart :) 

NOTE: We tried on ALL the white tees and landed on this triblend one from Royal Apparel. Please note it does have a bit of sheerness to it. Like Mel and Laura in the photos, we recommend wearing a nude bra OR tank underneath! (Or hey girl, rock it with a black sports bra and make a statement!)