Girls Possibility Tee

Possibility. I am a celebration. A precious gift wrapped in possibility. I am talented. I am worthy. I am loved. I will me. I will chase my dreams. I will follow my heart. I will celebrate my body. I will nurture my spirit. I will set my smile free.  I will blossom and tell the world my story.

A message filled with promise and possibility for our daughters and all young girls on their path to self-realization and empowerment. We want them to grow up shattering glass ceilings, chasing their dreams and feeling the rush of finish lines.


Our first run of these shirts will print and ship the week of July 24th, with the order deadline being July 23. Please note any other items you purchase with this order will ship at the same time. Thank you for your patience!


If you purchased our previous possibility tee, the sizing is very similar. This tee is also a Next Level brand shirt.

Maggie (2.5 years old) is wearing an x-small. Untucked, it comes down to her mid-thigh. She loves it though! We tuck it in right now and she also wears it to bed.

Allison (7 years old) is wearing a small in this photo. (It was the only size we had for this photo shoot!) I will definitely get a medium for her, which will give her plenty of room. FYI, Allison is tall and big for her age!

Alexis (10 years old later this month) is wearing a large. It's a little roomy on her, but the medium was a bit narrow and short. She loves it and has already worn it to basketball and soccer camps! FYI, Alexis is tall for her age!