JOY Virtual Run - Medal Package

Welcome to the first race of our series, the JOY Virtual Run where the goal is to run your joy distance at your happy pace! 

With this medal package, you will receive:

- Amazing 4 inch custom JOY medal
- Custom Fellow Flowers JOY race bib (with pins)
- Temporary race day tattoo
- Limited edition Fellow Flowers JOY necklace charm (chain not included)
- Personal race day messages from Mel + Tori powered by Motigo 
- Priority registration for future Fellow Flowers Virtual Run Series races

Shipping information
If you ordered on or before October 1st, your package will ship by Oct 11th.

If you order between Oct 2 - 8, your package will ship by Oct 13th.

If you order between Oct 9 - 15, your package will ship by Oct 20th.

If you order between October 16 - 22, your package will ship by Oct 27th.

We do anticipate selling out soon. Don't wait to order!

Please note any additional items you purchase with your virtual run will ship with your virtual run package! (Even if you apply for free shipping.)

Introducing Motigo, our Virtual Run Series partner!
The COOLEST motivational app out there, Motigo transforms your running experience with motivating in-run audio messages. We are going to cheer you on while you crush your miles! Motigo works seamlessly in the background while you use your favorite fitness and music apps. Learn more (and get it downloaded) here!

Race date:
We are doing things a little differently for this first race of the series! Instead of one set date, we are encouraging women to run their miles anytime between October 14 - 31. Get your miles in when you can and make it work with your schedule! When you're done, we encourage you to share your finisher photos with us on social media!

So there's no required distance?
NO! We are encouraging every woman to run her joy distance at her happy pace. Your custom race bib features a space to write in your distance. Want to run a 5K? DO IT. Want to bust out a 10K? GET AFTER IT. Need to get in a long training run? OWN IT. Just starting out and want to run/walk one mile? FREAKING AWESOME. Some ladies have told us they are running their ‘favorite running distance’ that makes them feel happy and joyful. In honor of our yellow flower’s meaning, this virtual run is focused on the appreciation of running and not the distance.


Have additional questions on registration, shipping and details? 
Our virtual run FAQs are here.