2017 FFCrew Membership

What to expect from your membership:

  • Daily inspiration from hundreds of women who run, move and set goals
  • Conversation about the latest and greatest workout apps, gear and apparel
  • Sneak peeks and access to new Fellow Flowers gear
  • Exclusive sales + surprise deals throughout the year (available only to FFCrew)
  • Options to purchase custom FFCrew gear
  • Opportunity to organize meet-ups with women from around the country
  • Live videos from Mel and Tori
  • Priority access to Rock Retreat Run registration 
  • Race entry discounts from participating races around the country
  • Opportunity to take part in the FFCrew book club (once per year)
  • Access to our closed FFCrew Facebook page
  • Opportunity to take part in FFCrew challenges and programs (we’re kicking off a nutrition/health program this March!)

    You will receive a confirmation email once your purchase is complete. You will also receive an official welcome letter via email shortly after registration with next steps and important information. Thank you... and see you on the FFCrew Facebook page soon!