Tell Her - The Girlfriend Collection

There is nothing more powerful than knowing you are loved, supported and not alone. This collection honors the friendships that get us through and keep us grounded (and laughing.)

Gift a set the amazing girlfriends in your life, and keep a set for you so you're always ready to #tellher when it matters.

The girlfriend collection is perfect for:
- Enduring friendships you cherish
- Friendships you couldn't live without
- The women who get you and love you
- The women you trust with your dreams and goals
- The wine nights and margarita happy hours

- Women who are always there, no matter what
- Women beside you in the trenches
- Women who need a soft reminder
- Every day encouragement

Now is the time to #tellher.

Product details:
35 unique cards

  • 10 classics (from the debut collection, same in all the holiday collections)
  • 10 themed cards from debut collection 
  • 15 new cards

3 x 3 inches in size
Space to write on back of card
Beautiful premium recycled paper
Envelopes not included